Paradise Park - Summer Camp

In a bright green environment, we have created a model experiential and athletic park, Paradise Park. Paradise Park is offering the Paradise Summer Camp for one more year. A daily camp with modern operational and safety standards. It is situated at the junction of National Road and Attica Road, at the Metamorphosis interchange.


We offer children creative, entertaining and sports activities right after the end of the school year. Our programmes consist of experiential activities, recreation, sports and outside visits. It is the ideal proposal or working parents who wish to give their children both pleasant and constructive holidays. It is intended for ages of 3-16 and covers weekly periods from the end of the school year till August and the first 10 days of September.


The daily programmes of the Summer Camp have been designed by the scientific and educational team of Paradise Park and are implemented by trainers and educators. The experienced educators, the variety of the programmes and the small groups excite children’s interest throughout the camping period.


During the daily camp we provide full board (breakfast-mid-morning snack-lunch) for all children. In collaboration with Igglesis Catering we offer tasty, healthy and nutritious meals. In addition, at the Summer Camp we employ school buses for the children’s ‘door to door’ transportation from their home or your work to the camp and vise versa. The school buses we are using comply with all safety regulations and can cover almost all Attica.(not the area of Mesogia)


For more information about Paradise Park Summer Camp, you can visit the following sections:

  1. Experiential Activities
  2. Sports
  3. Entertainment
  4. Visits
  5. Nutrition
  6. Transportation
  7. Equipment