Paradise Park Summer Camp - Experiential activities

During the Daily Children Camp of Paradise Park, children take part in the experiential programmes which are offered in our park.


Children, at the beginning of the week, are separated in small groups of 15-18 according to their sex and age. Our goal is to offer each group at least three experiential programmes per week, from the 25 different programmes offered in our park.


Our programmes are divided into 4 cognitive levels according to the children’s age. Our trainers are experienced educators and teachers of physical education. Our priority is the experiential knowledge and entertainment of the children.


Our programmes are:

  1. from grape to wine
  2. from olive to olive oil
  3. from wheat to bread
  4. the little farmer
  5. the little cattle-breeder
  6. the little bee-keeper
  7. our dairy products
  8. chocolate and biscuits workshop
  9. nutrition and open fruit market
  10. nutrition and cereals
  11. the little potter
  12. the little geologist
  13. recycling and compost
  14. renewable energy sources
  15. our Mythology
  16. pre-history
  17. ancint years
  18. Byzantine years
  19. Athens-a walk through the town’s history
  20. first aid
  21. traffic education
  22. man and horse
  23. our forest- Parnitha
  24. forgotten games
  25. physical exercise- entertainment


All programmes have been designed by the scientific team of Paradise Park and are carried out by specialized trainers in cooperation with the people in charge of the teams.

The daily Camp collaborates with public funds, organizations and companies.