The unique Experiential Christmas Village is at Paradise Park!

Experience Christmas at Paradise Park's unique Experiential Christmas Village!

Paradise Park's new Christmas Village opens its doors from 9 Dec '23 to 7 Jan '24.

We have a new, revamped program full of Games, Experiences and Surprises for young and old alike.

Give your children the chance to experience this magical Christmas atmosphere at every child’s favorite park, Paradise Park.

Paradise Park is the largest experiential park in Attica. It hosts thousands of students all year round for their school trips and their summer holidays at our "Summer Camp". We also provide instructors who have extensive experience in supervising children.

The Christmas Village program lasts 3.5 hours. Children are divided into groups and under the guidance of instructors can enjoy the following:


  • They can ride the interactive Park Train. A unique and fun experience for children with lots of surprises!
  • They can visit the Park Farm where they will meet their favourite animals.
  • They will meet Santa Claus, sit on his throne and his sleigh. They will also receive a gift of a coin from the Christmas cake (Vasilopita).
  • They will learn about Santa's Workshops:
    • Chocolate Workshop: Awesome Chocolate Experiences with fountains and yummy ingredients that kids love,
    • Clay or Ornament Workshop: They will make Christmas decorations with Clay (clay/water) and materials from nature, they will also learn about traditional pottery wheel techniques, guided by Santa's helpers
  • They can play in the newly renovated Playground. A unique space with lots of play equipment and activities such as Survivor, Inflatables, Skill Based Games, Trampolines and much more.
  • They will get to see the new impressive Nativity scene with life-size figures.
  • They can climb up on and be photographed on the park’s new 1,5-meter-high artificial deer.


Christmas Village - A treat for parents as well

The Christmas Village has an organized catering area with food options, delicacies, snacks, mulled wine, coffee, drinks and cocktails for all visitors.

A visit to Paradise Park's Experiential Christmas Village is a special festive experience. Come and experience it together!


Duration: 9 December 2023 - 7 January 2024


Activities take place in the fairytale Christmas Village (fully heated area), the Park's farm and the playground!


Important information:

1. Booking is essential - Tickets by viva

2. Admission 22€ (bracelet for children up to 12 years old)

(There are no activities in the Park with extra charges)

3. Entrance 10€ Parents / Guardians / Chaperones, per person (corresponds to a consumption voucher, in the Village Dining area).

4. There are NO coin-operated games