Paradise Park Summer Camp - Visits

During the weekly programmes of Paradise Summer Camp, we organize educational visits and entertaining excursions. Besides, summer for children means new experience as well as fun.


Bearing in mind that children are thrilled with visits to places where they learn about the history and evolution of science and technology, we organize visits to places such as the Aircraft Museum in Tatoi or the Fossils and Rocks Museum of IGME.


We make sure we visit places perfectly organized, of high quality safety standards. For example, Adventure ParkAllou Fun Park, the ‘Boat” at Shoinia beach, where children can spend several amusing hours of the daily programme, always under the supervision of our trainers.


Finally, a great part of our escapes is the outing to the forest of Parnitha so that children become aware of nature and have fun close to it.


Our long experience has proved that visits and outings offer valuable moments of relaxation and amusement to children and create beautiful memories, which will accompany them for all their life. As for children’s transportation, we use school buses and children are always escorted by our trainers.