Paradise Park Summer Camp - Sports

The Summer Camp of Paradise Park includes a lot of sports activities. 


During the weekly programme children become familiar with a lot of sports both team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, fencing, cheerleaders or hockey and individual sports such as Olympic Games, tennis,  archery, dancing, golf, running.

The aim of the teachers of physical education of Paradise Park is to make children get in touch with the sports and their regulations, aspects of their technique and strategy. Through playing children develop a team spirit and competition but mainly they develop a life lasting athletic culture.


Our trainers at the Summer Camp work as animators and educators. We make sure that all children participate in the programmes. We encourage them to meet with different sports and we support them in order to learn and improve their skills.


Our philosophy at the Summer Camp of Paradise Park is to instil love for physical exercise into children through playing and the carelessness of summer holidays. A love which will accompany them in all their life.